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  • Updated Date : 2021/09/26 09:00
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[Screen Help] New Registration of arrowhead Virtual Server

[Screen Help] New Registration of arrowhead Virtual Server
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1: Application Type
Select the application type.
When the line holder and the virtual server holder is different, select "Service Sharing".
2: Participant Code
Enter the participant code (5-digit number) of the user of the virtual servers.
When "In-house" for Application Type is selected, the participant code will be automatically appeared.
When "Service Sharing" is selected, enter the participant code.
3: TSE: Order-Notice A (200)
4: TSE: Order-Notice B (60)
5: TSE: Order-Notice C (5)
6: TSE: Query
7: TSE: Drop-Copy
8: NSE: Order-Notice A (200)
9: NSE: Order-Notice B (60)
10: NSE: Order-Notice C (5)
11: NSE: Query
12: FSE: Order-Notice A (200)
13: FSE: Order-Notice B (60)
14: FSE: Order-Notice C (5)
15: FSE: Query
16: SSE: Order-Notice A (200)
17: SSE: Order-Notice B (60)
18: SSE: Order-Notice C (5)
19: SSE: Query
Enter the request number of the virtual servers.
20: Done
Fix the entered data.
Click [Done] button and enter the virtual server information in the virtual server configuration vote screen.

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