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[Screen Help] ToSTNeT Virtual Server List

[Screen Help] ToSTNeT Virtual Server List
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1: Usage Category
Select the usage category.
2: System Vendor
Enter the system vendor and search.
3: Trading Participant
When the login user is a shared system vendor, select the shared system users by clicking [Select] button.
*If you choose 3 or more trading participants, trading in the participant's name column will appear only three companies,
but the list of search results will be displayed all of the selected transactions participants.
4: LLT Category
Select LLT category and search.
5: LLT Code
Enter 5 registration numbers (halfwidth) of Persons conducting Low Latency Trading.
*Exact match only.
6: Shared System Vendor
When the login user is a trading participant and the Usage Category is "Service Sharing", select the shared system vendor.
7: LLT Name
Enter the trade name, business name, or name of such individual for Persons conducting Low Latency Trading and search.
8: Protocol
Select the type of protocol.
9: Virtual Server ID
Enter the virtual server ID and search it.
Click on the [Enter] button.
Enter the virtual server ID with alphanumeric characters in the virtual server ID input form and search it.
When you search for several virtual server ID, press Ctrl + Enter bottom and enter the other virtual server ID.
*Search by the exact match or prefix match
10: Line ID
Enter the line ID with alphanumeric characters and search it.
*Search by the prefix match
11: Date Search
Select the type of date from the list.
Click the calendar button next to the date input field, and select the search date.
You can also enter the date directly in yyyy/mm/dd format.
You can enter either a "from" date or a "to" date.
12: Status
Please see Status Guidance.
13: Add New Virtual Server
Make a new registration of ToSTNeT virtual server.
Click [Add new arrowhead virtual servers] button and enter the new registration number in the ToSTNeT virtual server new registration screen.
14: Search results
The list of virtual servers searched by the conditions.
15: Configuration Sheet for ToSTNeT Virtual Server
Click to view the configuration information of the ToSTNeT virtual servers.
16: Request the Business System Test
Click to make a request of the ToSTNeT business system test.
Select the virtual servers before clicking the button.
17: Last date of use
Enter when applying to remove ToSTNeT virtual server.
Click Calendar button, and select the Desired Removal Date of the ToSTNeT virtual server.
You can also enter the date directly in yyyy/mm/dd format.
* Last date of use must be specified on a TSE business day after 4 business days of your application submission date (submission date itself is not included).
(If TSE cannot approve the application by 4 business days before Last date of use, TSE may not be able to meet on your desired schedule).
* Please specify Last date of use on the last business day of the week. Please be aware that, if the Last date of use is on the next month, the usage fee will be charged for the next month as well.
If you would like to delete Test Virtual Servers by the end of the month, the deadline is the 20th of every month (or the previous business day when the 20th is a non-business day).
18: Create the Removal application form
Create the removal application form for ToSTNeT.
Check the Virtual Server you would like to remove from the Virtual Server list, then confirm the last date of use and click the "Create the Removal application form" button.

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