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Timely Disclosure network

Timely Disclosure network
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Synonym, Abbreviation: TDnet

It is a service that gathers timely disclosure releases of all listed companies, etc. throughout Japan and disseminates that information to investors and other users in real-time basis.

TSE provides following 2 TDnet distribution services. Both services are providing financial reporting information, "tanshin" in XBRL format, etc. which allow the subscribers to reduce a burden of data processing.

- TDnet Database Service(TDnet DBS): TDnet DBS allows subscribers to view the timely disclosure information on PC via the Internet. Subscribers are also able to search the 5 year historical data.

- TDnet Server-Based Service: The TDnet Server Based Service provides subscribers with disclosure information in real-time (at the time of disclosure) via dedicated communication lines or arrownet set up between the TSE's data center and the data centers of subscribers.

For more information, please view the announcement on the JPX website.
URL: https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/markets/paid-info-equities/reference/05.html