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"arrownet" is a highly reliable network connecting market participants to JPX trading and market information systems.
"arrownet" adopts cutting-edge technologies to achieve high speed and large volume transmission, and secures business continuity in a disaster through some Access Points and a Secondary Site.
In addition to connecting to JPX, "arrownet" connects market participants to other marketing organizations. As an unified and common network in securities markets, "arrownet" provides market participants with convenient and effective accessibility to the markets.

"arrownet" has been offered as a new service called "arrownet version 2.0 (arrownet v2)" since June 25, 2012, making available to provide unicast transmission with 1 Gbps and common infrastructure for the production and the test environments by adopting the network virtualization technology.

For details, Please refer to the link below.
URL: https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/systems/network/index.html