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[J-GATE]Field for Derivatives Position Management Account

With regard to Field for Derivatives Position Management Account (applicable only for OSE) which is modified into Exchange, Information in J-GATE Connectivity Manual 1.4,
(1)Is this field mandatory to set?
(2)What value should we set? What item in clearing system are applicable to set?
(3)How should we set for TOCOM order?
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(1)It is the optional item but when you would not use, please fill with the space.
(2)Although JSCC Derivatives Clearing System Account Name should be set, it is not determined yet. Please wait for updates by JPX group.
(3)Although it is preferrablbe to fill with the space as it is not applicable for TOCOM order, any values are acceptable because they are not processed.
In Derivative Clearing system renewal project, the business rules are going to be changed in which the clearing participants can have multipul collateral accounts to consider participants who have ommunibus accounts.
According this change, the clearing participants are going to be able to allocate the trades into those accounts in order for potision management.
Although this clearing system's feature is for the post-trade process, 
Position management account item in J-GATE is to indicate allocation at the trading process.
This item is going to be told to clearing system with trade execution.
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