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[J-GATE]Please explain about Date and Time in J-GATE.

Please explain about Date and Time in J-GATE.
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Brief explanation of Date and Time in J-GATE is as follows.
The details are explained per API in the J-GATE Connmectivity Manual "7.OMex API.
1. Calendar Date / Actual Time
    BI7 (Signals Sent QUERY) : "Date, Sent" = Output Date
                   "Time, Sent" = Output Time
2. Business Day in J-GATE
    CQ68 (Clearing Date QUERY) and UQ12 (Business Day QUERY) : "Date, Business" = Business Day
3. Trading Date
    BD6 (Dedicated Trade Information VIB) : "Clearing Date" = Trading Date
4. UTC
    BI41 (Instrument Status Information BROADCAST) : "Actual Start Date", "Actual Start Time".
    BD2 (Edited Price Information BROADCAST) : "Time, External", etc.
    BD6 (Dedicated Trade Information VIB) : "Date, As Of", "Time, As Of" = Execution Date, Time
                        "Date, Created", "Time, Created" = Creation Date, Time
5. UNIX Epoch
    BO5/BD6/BD70 : "Time in seconds" = Processing time.(nanoseconds)