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[Screen Help] Clearing System Usage List

[Screen Help] Clearing System Usage List
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1: Usage Category
Select the usage category.
2: Connection Destination SP
Select the connection destination SP of clearing system.
3: Line ID
Enter the line ID with alphanumeric characters.
*Search by the prefix match
4: Apply for setting
Click to make a new/adding application for using clearing system.
5: Apply for deletion of OTC Clearing
Click to make an application to delete OTC clearing system.
Tick the target OTC clearing system from search results, then click button.
6: Configuration Sheet for Clearing System
Click to confirm configuration sheet(details) for clearing system.
Move to "Configuration Sheet for Clearing System" screen of the record that select button.
7: Search results
The list of clearing systems searched by conditions.
Such as terminal/server/number of printer and status that is used on the line can be checked by horizontal scrolling.