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FLEX Full (WB)

FLEX Full (WB)
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This service distributes market price information and FLEX Full for broadband circuits (1G or wider).
FLEX Full (WB) disseminates the followings.

Stock/CB Real time Information (Orders, executions, Trading Volume, Price, *Book Information)
Stock/CB Multicast Group Number Information.
*all orders/quote information, execution information, etc. registered on the book are disseminated.

Information will be disseminated as soon as the book is updated.

The network configuration is the Single Configuration only.
Market data transmission uses UDP multicast, and the retransmission request uses TCP unicast.

The difference from Full is only the distribution band, there is no difference in the contents disseminated.
While Full restricts the throttling to 100 Mbps or less, WB distributes packets without controlling them, so a bandwidth of 450 Mbps or more is required.