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I can not connect to arrownet, what should I do ?

I can not connect to arrownet, what should I do ?
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Please confirm the following points.
1) You can start using arrownet after the Network Reachability Test is completed.
In other words, it is not acceptable to start using arrownet until the line passed the test.
Please refer to [Guideline arrownet Network Connectivity Test] for connectivity test.

2) Is the network device powered-on?

3) Is the physical cable connected correctly to the network device?

4) Is the interface linked up?

5) Is the VLAN-ID has been configured correctly?

6) Is the IP address has been configured correctly?

7) Is the dynamic routing with BGP4 configured? (In case of redundant composition)

8) Is the fiber polarity correct (TX/RX is not reversed)?
If it is still not recovered even after having confirmed the above, please provide us the required information as below by calling us directly or sending e-mail to JPX Service desk.

 (If the immediate assistance is required, please call us)
<Required information>
 (1) arrownet Line ID
 (2) Time of occurrence
 (3) Is the issue continuous?
 (4) Details of the issue. (If possible, please provide us the network logs)
 (5) Affected business system  (arrowhead / FLEX / J-GATE / TFX  etc.)
<Contact details>
 JPX Service Desk (arrownet support)