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Network Connectivity Test

Network Connectivity Test
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After construction of arrownet, there will be a test between user and SP to check network reachability and normality, the several types of test(s) are as below.

- Network Reachability Test with arrownet
This is the test to check the normality, including checking the user's router monitoring status and system breakdown/recovery. The SP subject(s) of the test are included JPX (Prod&Test).Basically the test is carried out Monday through Thursday.

- Simplified arrownet Reachability Test
This is the test to check normality by having user sending ping to Simplified arrownet Reachability Test IP address. This Simplified arrownet Reachability Test should be carried out prior to test day.

- Network Reachability Test with SP
This is the test to check normality by sending Ping to user during connectivity test time.
The SP subject(s) of the test are included JASDEQ (Prod&Test), TFX (Prod&Test), TOCOM (Prod&Test). Basically the test carried out either on Monday or Thursday.

For more further detail, please refer to the Outline of Network Connectivity Test which located inside the System Documents Site below.

[System Documents Site]
URL: https://faqsd.jpx.co.jp/faq/show/2077?site_domain=en_system_documents

- [arrownet]Guideline for arrownet Network Connectivity Test