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  • Updated Date : 2021/05/25 15:40
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[J-GATE3.0]I cannot login.

I cannot login.
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JPX will investigate.
Could you provide the following information by e-mail to the JPX Service Desk (J-GATE3.0) at j-gate3@jpx.co.jp.
-Environment (Production or Test):
-Occurrence Time (YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS in JST):
-Circuit ID:
-User ID :
-Function (API/ITCH/TradeGuard/etc):
-Has this user ID logged in before ?:
-Do you use arrownet circuit?:
-Are there any change in the system ?:
-Are there any change in the circuit ?:
-Error code (Cstatus):
-Error code (Txstat):
-Delivary Process[Send/Rewind/Glimpse]:
-Connection source IP address:
-Connection destination IP / port number such as, etc: