JPX Service Desk
FAQ Site (Application FAQ / System Support FAQ)
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FAQ Site:  This site provides FAQ about JPX system specifications and applications,
as well as contact information of each JPX Service Desk.

System Documents Site:  This site provides the latest versions of documents related to each system,
in addition to connection test schedules and application forms. (*1)

*1 You will need to enter user ID and password when logging into the System Documents Site.
If you have any questions, please contact JPX Service Desk (

*2 If you are looking for documents related to ToSTNeT or FLEX, please click on the "arrowhead" button above.
Please refer to Target/MICS for Connection Specifications and System Interface Requirements for arrowhead, ToSTNeT and FLEX.

*3 If you have any questions about the Carbon Credit Market, please contact TSE Carbon Credit Market Office (