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[Screen Help] Configuration Sheet for arrowhead Drop-Copy

[Screen Help] Configuration Sheet for arrowhead Drop-Copy
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1: Edit
Click to edit the information of the virtual servers.
2: Import Drop-Copy Config CSV
Click to register the config information by importing the CSV file.
Up to 2000 items can be registered at a time.
*Please refer to the arrowface operation manual for the CSV format.
3: Export CSV
Click to export the Drop-Copy config information in CSV format.
4: Classification of Change
Select the classification of change.
5: Drop-Copy Virtual Server ID (Copy Destination)
The virtual server number of the copy destination.
6: a order-notice virtual server ID (The copy source)
The virtual server number of the copy source.
In the case of New/Change drop-copy application, enter the virtual server number of the copy source that you want to make effective after change in the field of List of After Change.
Note: Please enter the information so that we can see all the changed config information in the List of After Change.
7: Desired Date
In the case of drop-copy application, click Calendar button, and select the desired start/change/removal date of the copy-destination setting from the calendar.
Please enter Scheduled start Date of use of additional/change for Drop Copy Configuration or the next business day from Last date of use in the case of Removal application.
You can also enter the date directly in yyyy/mm/dd format.
*Desired Date must be specified on a TSE business day after 4 business days of your application submission date (submission date itself is not included).
*When applying for Test system, please specify Friday after 5 business days (If TSE cannot approve the system by 5 business days before the desired start date of the system or desired removal date (the next business day of Last date of use), TSE may not be able to meet on your desired schedule).
TSE usually implements system reflection work on Thursdays for Test systems, but it may take more than 5 business days depending on the timing of your application, in cases where there are holidays and/or other reasons (Your desired configuration details will be reflected to the system on the next day of the TSE reflection work).
Please contact JPX Service Desk(arrowhead/ToSTNeT)if Thursday or Friday is a national holiday.
*Only one desired date can be requested in the same application per one-time submission.
8: adoption date
Setting applicated is the date which becomes effective.
9: Desired date of work operation by TSE
Enter for application of Production systems.
Click Calendar button and select Desired Date of Work Operation by TSE. You can also enter the date directly in yyyy/mm/dd format.
*Please specify Wednesday or Friday (or previous business day if it is a national holiday, etc.) after 4 business days (including the day of application) as Desired date of work operation by TSE.
However, it may take more days than usual in the following cases.
- If there are a large quantity of applications from one or multiple companies.
- If it is a Sharing application or required to apply on behalf of applicants by SD (it may take about 3 business days than usual).
- If the application cannot be approved due to other reasons such as incomplete information.
*No input is required for the Test system.

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