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  • Updated Date : 2021/05/26 08:58
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[J-GATE3.0]Could you tell us the IP address for J-GATE connectivity confirmation and how to communicate?

Could you tell us the IP address for J-GATE connectivity confirmation and how to communicate?
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J-GATE 3.0 has a server that is placed to verify communication with the J-GATE Production environment and accordingly permits PING communication between a
client system and the server.
Below are connections of the server.
Communication server IP address :
PING communication is permitted any time.
The time when PING is not permitted will be notified beforehand.
Although, in the Production environment, the client system may neither use a PING command to communicate with a NG or TAP nor communicate under the
TELNET protocol, it may do so in the Test environment.
Attached file : 
Communication server.pdf

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