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Online Inquiry

JPX Service Desk
 (application procedure)
Open Hours: Business day 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
TEL: 0570-064-054
            *Charged Call
(*IP-phone: +81-50-3819-1070)
JPX Service Desk
 (arrownet support)
Open Hours: 24Hours
TEL: +81-50-3819-1030
JPX Service Desk
Open Hours: Business day 7:00 am - 6:30 pm
TEL: +81-50-3822-8882
JPX Service Desk (J-GATE)
Open Hours: 24Hours
TEL: 0570-005-554
            *Charged Call
(*IP-phone: +81-50-3819-1140)
JPX Service Desk (Clearing)
Open Hours: Business day 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
TEL: 0570-064-054
            *Charged Call
(*IP-phone: +81-50-3819-1070)
This site provides FAQ about JPX system specifications and applications, as well as contact information of each JPX Service Desk.


FAQ within [ Glossary ]

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  • CE Router

    A router or L3 switch of the user installed at the user site or the Co-location/Proximity area.CE routers installed at the user site are used for connection ... Show Details

    • No:1255
    • Updated Date:2015/05/29 15:14
  • Target

    An electronic system operated by JPX to exchange documents and information with trading participants and listed companies. Target can be accessed through JPX... Show Details

    • No:1481
    • Updated Date:2016/08/05 16:01
  • Sub Participant Code

    Synonym, Abbreviation: SPC------------------------------------It is the 5-digit code that Exchange gives to trading participants.For OSE trading participants... Show Details

    • No:7718
    • Updated Date:2019/10/21 09:00
  • FLEX Full (WB)

    This service distributes market price information and FLEX Full for broadband circuits (1G or wider).FLEX Full (WB) disseminates the followings.Stock/CB Real... Show Details

    • No:1258
    • Updated Date:2019/09/24 09:00
  • J-NET Portal

    J-NET Portal is the system which allows to participate J-NET Derivatives Trading from website.J-NET Derivatives Trading refers to non-auction futures and opt... Show Details

    • No:8012
    • Updated Date:2019/12/16 09:00
  • Hard-limit

    To prevent miss-order, by giving maximum limit for order prices and quantity to users, the reference value established to not accept order over than the maxi... Show Details

    • No:3602
    • Updated Date:2021/07/19 09:00
  • Sub Participant

    In J-GATE, a group called "Sub Participant" is defined within a trading participant.J-GATE send order acceptance/result notification and trade notification o... Show Details

    • No:3596
    • Updated Date:2019/10/21 09:00
  • TradeGuard

    JPX implemented TradeGuard on July 2016 with the start of J-GATE and offered order/risk management functions to our Trading Participants.TradeGuard has the f... Show Details

    • No:3341
    • Updated Date:2019/11/25 09:00
  • System Documents Site

    System Documents Site is a website which JPX publishes guideline for business systems, network and test schedule. Show Details

    • No:3048
    • Updated Date:2017/03/13 09:00
  • Network Connectivity Test

    After construction of arrownet, there will be a test between user and SP to check network reachability and normality, the several types of test(s) are as bel... Show Details

    • No:3594
    • Updated Date:2020/03/30 09:00

1-10 of Total 119