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Contacts for JPX Service Desk

Application Procedure contact
Open Hours: Business day 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
TEL: +81-50-3819-1070
arrownet support contact
Open Hours:
  Japanese) 24/7
  English) 7:00 am - 6:30 pm on business days
TEL: +81-50-3819-1030
arrowhead/ToSTNeT contact
Open Hours: Business day 7:00 am - 6:30 pm
TEL: +81-50-3822-8882
J-GATE contact
Open Hours:
  Japanese) 24/7
  English) 7:00 am - 6:30 pm on business days
TEL: +81-50-3822-8900
Clearing contact
Open Hours: Business day 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
TEL: +81-50-3819-1076
This site provides FAQ about JPX system specifications and applications, as well as contact information of each JPX Service Desk.


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  • Carrier Line ID

    An ID by which a carrier manages a line that it provides to a user. The ID may change if the line is changed due to change to a higher speed line, change in ... Show Details

    • No:1278
    • Updated Date:2015/05/29 15:14
  • Connection service

    The connecting services provided by arrownet system are, Widearea Ethernet, Dedicated Ether Line (Center Aggregation), Dedicated Ether Line (P to P), Cross-C... Show Details

    • No:3598
    • Updated Date:2017/10/02 09:00
  • Carrier Free Line

    A line of user's own preparing from the Kansai Proximity rack. Users can choose any carrier as well as the arrownet-designated five carriers. Show Details

    • No:1466
    • Updated Date:2022/11/21 09:00
  • Construction division

    A division to designate the point up to which the carrier conducts work when constructing a line in a building. Show Details

    • No:1279
    • Updated Date:2015/05/29 15:14
  • CE Router

    A router or L3 switch of the user installed at the user site or the JPX Co-Location/the Kansai Proximity area.CE routers installed at the user site are used ... Show Details

    • No:1255
    • Updated Date:2022/11/21 09:00
  • Construction Fee

    Synonym, Abbreviation: Initial Fee------------------------------------Applies to Initial Installation Fee.This is the cost that occurs just one time in the f... Show Details

    • No:1470
    • Updated Date:2015/06/22 09:00
  • Co-Location Service Support Provider

    Synonym, Abbreviation: CSP, Co-Lo Support------------------------------------A vendor who owns racks in the Co-Location area and provides their services.The ... Show Details

    • No:1473
    • Updated Date:2019/11/11 09:00
  • Carrier

    Synonym, Abbreviation: Line provider------------------------------------An institution that provides physical lines to connect arrownet.Six carriers NTT Comm... Show Details

    • No:1465
    • Updated Date:2017/03/13 09:00
  • Compliance WAN

    A business system that can be connected through JPX SP line, by which information of illegal operation, such as insider trading, in the cash market is availa... Show Details

    • No:1475
    • Updated Date:2016/08/05 16:01
  • Connector Type

    Shape of tip end part of a fiber-optic cable connected to a device. Fiber-optic LC, SC and metal RJ-45 are provided by JPX.Fiber-optic cable consists of TX(s... Show Details

    • No:1472
    • Updated Date:2015/06/22 09:00

1-10 of Total 13